What Is Considered A Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can happen suddenly. Quick action is key to help relieve symptoms and avoid further problems. If you are experiencing any of the following oral health problems, it’s important to give our practice a call for support:

  • Nonstop Bleeding: Our dentists take immediate steps to manage bleeding gums and oral tissues. This may include applying pressure or other methods necessary to halt the bleeding.

  • Painful Swelling: Patients with significant swelling in their mouth will be examined and cared for promptly. Treatments vary depending on whether the swelling is due to an infection, injury, or another dental condition.

  • Severe Gum Infection: Diagnosis and treatment are essential when experiencing discomfort or pain from gum infection.

  • Cracked Filling: If you have a cracked or loosened filling, emergency dentistry may be able to fix or replace it. This restores the tooth's function and relieves pain quickly.

  • Uncomfortable Wires & Brackets: If you have braces or other orthodontic devices and the wires or brackets are causing discomfort, our dentist can adjust or repair them to ensure you're comfortable.

Advantages of Emergency Dentistry & Who Can Benefit

Here are the lesser-known advantages and who can take advantage:

  • Early Detection: Visiting our practice during a dental emergency can catch early signs of oral problems, helping avoid bigger issues later.

  • Dental Health Maintenance: Immediate care can stop small dental concerns from worsening, keeping your mouth healthy.

  • Reduced Anxiety: Knowing that urgent services are accessible can diminish fears associated with the dentist, encouraging more consistent visits and proactive attention to oral health.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Emergency dentistry's flexible timing and speedy service are ideal if you have limited free time and cannot easily travel.

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    • Prevents minor teeth issues from escalating
    • Available for you when you need support
    • Restores functionality of your smile
    • Prompt relief for pain and discomfort
    • Offers you peace of mind and stress relief!

    Whether you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, aching, bleeding, or fractured or missing teeth, don’t worry; our compassionate and attentive Beyond Dentistry team can assess and treat your smile urgently. Our emergency dentistry services aim to resolve dental issues so you can smile again!

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