Dental Nightguards in Clearwater

Bruxism, or unconscious teeth grinding and jaw clenching, is a common issue many patients face. As this behavior tends to happen at night while patients are asleep, our Beyond Dentistry Clearwater team recommends nightguards as a great general dentistry solution for bruxism.

What is a Dental nightguard?

Nightguards are similar to the sports guards that athletes wear for contact sports.  But, instead of wearing them on the dodgeball court or football field, sleep night guards are worn at nighttime. A dental night guard helps safeguard your smile and prevent further erosion of your enamel.

A teeth grinding guard helps prevent sleep bruxism by supplying a barrier between the upper and lower jaws. So, if you’re guilty of clenching teeth, you’ll bite down on the protective, plastic material—not your precious teeth.

When are sleep mouth guards necessary?

Sleep mouth guards are great for patients who suffer from bruxism. Night guards ease tension in your jaw to alleviate the painful headaches and other uncomfortable or damaging side effects of clenching and grinding, so you can get more restful sleep and keep your smile healthy.

Our Tailored Bruxism Treatment Process: What to Expect

Your mouth guard for grinding teeth will be fitted to the particular shape of your teeth for optimal protection and comfort:

  • Digital Impressions: ‍If you need a night guard, your dentist will take impressions or digital scans of your teeth and gums to craft a custom mold that will then be sent to the lab, where your night guard will be made to your exact specifications and measurements. During your initial appointment at Beyond Dentistry Clearwater, Dr. Alqasemi or Dr. Adham will take digital impressions of your smile to send to our state-of-the-art, off-site dental lab.

  • Teeth Grinding Guard Creation: Using highly detailed digital impressions, our lab technicians will craft a custom sleep mouth guard designed to fit comfortably in your mouth. Night guards can be made from various materials depending on the severity of your case and work by creating a barrier between your teeth that protects them from damage caused by clenching and grinding.

  • Final Fitting: When you return for your next dental appointment, we’ll have your new night guard ready. Additionally, our near Dunedin dentists will ensure that you can breathe normally and feel comfortable with your brand-new dental night guard.

Have questions about nightguards in Clearwater, FL?

Check out these frequently asked questions about the nightguards in Indian Rocks Beach, FL, Clearwater, or surrounding areas, or call us at (727) 304-3156 to speak with our team.

Why do I grind my teeth in my sleep?

Often, nocturnal bruxism is linked to stress, anxiety, and sleep apnea. Also, teeth clenching can be a side effect of certain medications (such as SSRIs like Prozac).

Is there a way to stop clenching teeth naturally?

Many patients wonder how to stop grinding teeth in sleep naturally and how to stop grinding teeth in general. While a teething grinding guard can be a great place to start, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to bruxism. Some patients benefit from addressing the root of their anxiety, physical therapy, and even Botox®. Still, it’s important to let our Beyond Dentistry Clearwater team know if you suffer from this dental health problem.

Professional Cleaning

To start things off, we’ll perform a complete cleaning of your teeth and gums, using special tools to remove any plaque and tartar that may have built up along the gumline. Essential aspects of your cleaning will include thorough flossing between your teeth in all those hard-to-reach places, and scraping off plaque that has accumulated along the gum line. To finish the cleaning process, we’ll polish your teeth, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to smile.

Any Necessary X-Rays

If you’re new to the office or haven’t had dental x-rays in a while, your Clearwater dentist may recommend that you take some during your preventive care appointment. Dental x-rays let us see what’s going on beneath the surface of your smile, giving us the ability to find issues that may not be visible otherwise. With x-rays, we’re able to make more accurate diagnoses and create more effective and efficient treatment plans.

Comprehensive Exam

Your dentist will review your x-rays and then take a thorough look at your teeth, gums, and the rest of your mouth. If we spot any issues, we’ll take the time to educate you on our findings, so you can keep your dental health on the right track. We make it our goal to keep you educated about your oral well-being, so you can make the right decisions for your smile.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Using the information we’ve gathered with your exam and x-rays, we’ll work together with you to craft a treatment plan customized for your unique oral health needs, budget, and lifestyle. If everything looks good, we’ll simply schedule your next routine cleaning and checkup.

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Our Clearwater team is here for you! No matter what kind of treatment you schedule, our team is standing by to answer any questions you may have about insurance, financing, or anything else. We’ll do everything possible to make sure your every visit is straightforward and stress-free.
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